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After spending the first fourteen years of her life in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Darlene Martin relocated to Ontario with her family, where she completed her schooling, found employment in the education system, worked in sales, and owned and operated two hair salons. Twenty-six years later, she responded to the tug of the Island on her heart and moved back home.


Having had the experience of living in and relocating to PEI, Darlene brings a unique perspective to the Island’s real estate community and has a true passion for helping people find their way home (like she did), whether they were born here or not.


While running her own business, Darlene mastered the art of listening to her clients’ wants and needs, while giving them results they’d be happy with, based on what she could realistically do for them. She relies on the same techniques as a real estate agent, matching a buyer’s wants and needs with what’s available in their desired location and is within their budget.


Both buyers and sellers love the personalized attention they receive from Darlene, because she truly takes the time to guide them through the entire process of listing or purchasing a property. She is particularly energized by the excitement of finding someone their dream home and loves to make the process as easy as possible, giving helpful tips about mortgages, inspections, and all of the other moving parts involved in buying a house. 
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