North Shore


About North Shore PEI



The North Shore is beach country on Prince Edward Island. Home to the PEI National Park, the North Shore region is what many visitors to PEI envision when they think “PEI”: miles and miles of sandy beaches. PEI houses along the North Shore are close to both white- and red-sand beaches.


Whether you’re looking for a PEI waterfront cottage to enjoy the summer months or a place to live year-round, the North Shore is perfect for quiet and relaxation.


Here are some of the reasons why people who call the North Shore home live where they do:

The beaches. As already mentioned, the North Shore is famous for its beaches. PEI homes within the National Park, are always close to the beach. The area includes Brackley Beach, Covehead, Stanhope Beach, and Dalvay, each with its own unique features, along the 42km shoreline of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Outside of the National Park, you’ll find many provincial beaches within the fishing community of North Rustico and the riverside community of Stanley Bridge. When you live on the North Shore, you’ll soon pick your favourite beach as you discover the one that most appeals to your senses and your lifestyle. Many residents prefer to explore the shore in the less busy off-season, but you’ll never feel too crowded on any of the region’s beaches. Whether you are an avid swimmer or surfer or you prefer a more tranquil beach experience, the North Shore can soothe your water-seeking soul. And if sunset viewing is part of your routine, you are in for a real treat!


The peace and quiet. A huge region of the North Shore operates on a seasonal basis, from June to October, leaving the remainder of the year for residents to enjoy. But even during peak season, this area boosts a serene and relaxed pace of life. There are biking, walking, and hiking trails located throughout the region for those who wish to explore the land up close. The beaches themselves beckon for undisturbed, stretched-out afternoons with no pressing time commitment. And since the North Shore is away from any big city or town, the still, quiet nights are another reason why so many fall in love with the area.


The convenience. While peace and quiet is lovely, you won’t be secluded. The communities of Stanhope, North Rustico, and Stanley Bridge are only 20-30 minutes away (by car) from Charlottetown. When you live in these shoreline communities, you’ll experience the best of both worlds: the relaxing state of mind that comes with small, beachfront communities, with all the conveniences of the city an accessible short drive away.


The seasonal businesses. There’s a certain excitement that comes with living in an area that operates on a seasonal basis. Imagine the buzz you’ll feel when you see your favourite restaurants, shops, art galleries, and golf courses open for the season. Most of these seasonal businesses are unique and offer specialty products you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.


The nature. When you live along the North Shore, you’ll share your community with some incredible wildlife. The PEI National Park has been declared a Canadian Important Bird area in recognition of the variety and number of birds who call the Park home. People often spot foxes exploring the beaches, and you may also come in contact with piping plovers, Canadian warblers, barn swallows, herons, ducks, owls, cranes, eagles, raccoons, and over 400 species of plants. The stunning sand dunes that form a backdrop to the PEI National Park are themselves considered a protected environmental habitat.


Beaches. Peace. Quiet. Nature. Convenience. Seasonality. These are just some of the reasons why residents live here.


If you seek a change of pace—a more slowed-down lifestyle, where nature is right at your doorstep—I invite you to make the North Shore your part-time or full-time home.